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Our mission at MC Docs is to provide the highest quality natural alternative medicine to those that need it. Studies show that over 50% of Australians live with long-term chronic health issues and have yet to find a good option to help with their condition. Research shows that natural alternatives can provide possible help for many conditions. The staff at MC Docs are experienced and are focused on providing personal care for each patient. Expert doctors and clinical staff are here to provide you with an exceptional health care experience.

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The medical staff at MC Docs are qualified Australian doctors that have extensive experience in this relatively new and exciting field. Research shows that natural alternative therapy has possible benefits for several chronic health conditions. Your doctor at MC Docs will carefully explain if this is best for you and help formulate the right treatment plan for you! You will be able to consult with your doctor at any stage to discuss and make any changes to your plan, if you feel it necessary


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Cost Effective

We know that medical consultation can be expensive, particularly those with chronic health conditions. That’s why we’re offering our competitive fees. With your first visit consultation at only $99, once you’re on the programme, consultations are capped at $49.

Reliable Product

When you choose our natural alternative products, you can have confidence in their reliability and effectiveness. We are dedicated to providing you with solutions that deliver the desired therapeutic outcomes, helping you improve your overall well-being naturally and sustainably.

Qualified Doctors

The Doctors and clinical staff at MC Docs will listen to you and help create a personalised treatment plan, customised for you and your health condition.

We encourage you to contact your doctor at MC Docs if any of your circumstances change, or you think you need an adjustment to your medication.

Doctors at MC Docs have in-depth knowledge and experience in this new and exciting field, happily communicating with your primary health care provider and/or specialist where necessary to maintain transparency in your very important health care and decision making process

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If you have a history of illness or suffer from long standing discomfort, you may be eligible for Natural Alternative treatment.

Natural Alternative Therapy

Understanding natural alternatives also involves recognising the importance of individualised treatment. Plants and their extracts have varying effects on different individuals, and factors such as dosage, preparation methods, and interactions with other medications need to be considered. Integrating this into healthcare requires a comprehensive understanding of both traditional knowledge and evidence-based research to ensure safe and effective use. 

Addressing various health issues and chronic discomfort with Natural alternatives.

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Available for eligible patients Australia wide.

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