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MCDOCS means Antidote Health Pty Ltd. ABN: 87 666 108 149

MCDOCS Practitioner means an Australian General Practitioner or other health professional partnered with MCDOCS to provide consultations.

Partner Pharmacy means an Australian Pharmacy that partners with MCDOCS to provide prescriptions and medications.

What is MCDOCS?

MCDOCS is an online service that connects patients with Australian general practitioners to facilitate internet-based consultations. Based on these consultations, the general practitioners can create treatment plans and prescribe medications to patients where appropriate. These medications can then be purchased through the MCDOCS website. The medication is distributed by a MCDOCS partner pharmacy.


To receive treatment, you must complete an online questionnaire. You must provide accurate information throughout the questionnaire. You must not omit any information that a reasonable person would deem relevant when attempting to access treatment.

Your MCDOCS Practitioner is provided with the information that you enter in your questionnaire. Once your GP has assessed the information you have provided, they will contact you via telephone to discuss your situation. They will use your questionnaire to prescribe medication as they see fit. These steps comprise MCDOCS’s consultation process. MCDOCS does not include any face-to-face interactions as part of our consultation process. By using MCDOCS, you agree to receive a completely digital consultation.

After the consultation, your MCDOCS Practitioner will store the same information they would in a face-to-face consult. Your MCDOCS Practitioner is responsible for maintaining their own health records in relation to your consultation. MCDOCS will hold copies of this information as necessary.

MCDOCS provides consultations for specific medical conditions and health concerns only. Our doctors cannot provide general medical advice or provide prescriptions outside these specific consultations.

Any medical services are provided by the General Practitioner or other health professional partnered with MCDOCS. MCDOCS is merely an agent that facilitates the consultations.


Refunds For Services

To the extent permitted by Australian Consumer Law, refunds for consultations can only be provided before a consultation has taken place. A consultation is considered to have taken place once a MCDOCS Practitioner has reviewed your information and responded to you. At this point, MCDOCS must pay the MCDOCS Practitioner for their time.

MCDOCS Practitioners are expected to perform their duties as they would in a physical medical practice. As such, MCDOCS does not guarantee a particular outcome from any consultations, and no refund can be given due to a patient being unhappy with an outcome they received.

Refunds For Products

Any refunds for products will be provided as required by Australian Consumer Law.

Any requests for refunds should be sent to clinic@antidotehealth.com.au

Website Use

Our website is for personal use only; you must not use the website for commercial purposes or to obtain a commercial advantage.

Intellectual property

Everything on this website is owned or licensed by MCDOCS. You cannot reproduce, transmit, sell, etc., any of the content except with the prior written consent of MCDOCS or as permitted by law. All rights of MCDOCS are reserved.

Any trademarks used on the website in relation to third parties are the trademarks of those third parties.


You must abide by all applicable laws while using the website.

You must not act in a way that may breach the privacy or legal rights of individuals.

You must not interfere with the website with the intent to disrupt the website or other users of the website or in a way that creates an undue burden on the website.

You must not create or submit offensive content using the website.

You agree to indemnify MCDOCS of any loss you suffer as a result of breaching these conditions.

We retain the right to refuse any users access to MCDOCS for any reason.


The MCDOCS website uses cookies to improve your experience. These cookies may also be used to serve you targeted advertisements through third-party advertising networks.


All data is handled in accordance with our privacy policy.

MCDOCS stores all records as required by local laws.

Health data entered into online forms is provided to your MCDOCS Practitioner.


MCDOCS is not liable for any loss or damage caused by the use of, or inability to use this site, or due to any information or content on the site being incorrect.

MCDOCS takes no liability and makes no warranties in relation to the consultation between your MCDOCS Practitioner.

Health-related questions must be directed to your MCDOCS Practitioner and not to MCDOCS. Medical information provided on the website is of a general nature and not specific to individuals.

Our MCDOCS Practitioners will consult with you regarding specific health concerns. General health concerns, medication inquiries, or treatments outside the specifically named consultation need to be directed to your regular GP. MCDOCS Practitioners are not liable for any adverse health outcome resulting from conditions or treatments outside the specified scope of practice. This service does not replace your regular doctor.

MCDOCS is not liable for any adverse outcomes that occur as a result of being provided with misinformation or incomplete information.

Warranties / Disclaimers

You indemnify us from any loss or damage experienced by using the website, including damage caused by malicious users of the site.

Website content and communications with MCDOCS do not constitute medical advice, except where those communications are with your MCDOCS Practitioner via the online portal.

MCDOCS does not guarantee that an online consultation is suitable in every situation. Online consults may not be right for your situation. We do not take any liability in the event that an online consultation was not suitable in your situation.


MCDOCS reserves the right to change the pricing of our products and services at any time.


We will always work with our Partner Pharmacy to ensure medications are delivered on schedule to avoid any gaps in our medication. However, there may be unforeseen circumstances that cause a delay in medication deliveries from time to time. In these situations, it is your responsibility to find an alternative solution if necessary.


If some of this privacy policy turns out to be illegal or unenforceable, it should be severed from the agreement with the rest of the agreement surviving in its place.

Privacy Policy

You agree to the privacy policy by agreeing to these terms and conditions.


These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of NSW, Australia.


Please direct all inquiries relating to this site to clinic@antidotehealth.com.au or call 1300 936 574


We reserve the right to change these terms & conditions.

The last update to this policy was made on 10/10/2023.